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September 6th - 9th, 2023
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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TABConf 2023 Call for Speakers Open

We are organizing the TABConf 2023 programming a bit differently, its exciting.

If you are interested in giving a talk, workshop, or panel, you must open a GitHub issue in the repo. You do NOT need to be a developer to open a GitHub Issue for a talk, workshop, or panel submission. You only need a GitHub profile and some time.

Please be as detailed as possible when opening your issue because this is how talks, panels, and workshops for TABConf 2023 will be selected. Your submission is public, so anyone can also read your submission, ask questions, and vote on it by using the emojis on Github.

Here is a great example issue you can check out: workshop example, talk example.

Submissions that are chosen will be added to the TABConf 2023 GitHub Project, which is what we are going to use as our: official schedule.

Here are some of the reasons we are trying this out for 2023.