A Technical Bitcoin Conference

September 6th - 9th, 2023
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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2023 TABConf Grant Program

The TABConf grant program aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and foster collaboration among members of the Bitcoin community by offering financial assistance to individuals to cover expenses associated with attending the conference. This program is designed to support individuals who may require financial aid to participate in TABConf, such as ticket fees, travel expenses and accommodation costs. By providing financial support, the TABConf grant program promotes inclusivity and accessibility, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to attend the conference and actively engage in the Bitcoin community. This encourages the sharing of ideas, insights, and expertise, fostering a collaborative environment where individuals can network, learn from each other, and collectively advance Bitcoin.

Grants can be the following:

If you could like to apply for a TABConf 2023 Grant, please fill out the application below.

TABConf Grant Program Application

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