A Technical Bitcoin Conference

September 6th - 9th, 2023
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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What is TABConf?

TABConf is an event for building the Bitcoin community, providing education, and supporting developers. We like to think of this as the most inclusive, organic, grassroots event possible for Bitcoin.

The founders, Michael Tidwell & Brandon Iglesias, saw an opportunity to further Bitcoin education for the developers of Atlanta by bringing some of the greatest minds into one space. The goal was to run a stress-free, at-cost conference that helped the people of Atlanta and gave back to the community.

In 2018, the first TABConf was held at General Assembly in Ponce City Market. Unsure if anyone would show, they sold tickets to the one-day event for $10. Within one week, they sold 210 tickets, selling out and overbooking their venue, setting the future trajectory of Bitcoin in Atlanta.

The excitement around Bitcoin in Atlanta continued to grow. By 2019, the conference consisted of over 500 attendees. It moved to Georgia State University, where four ballrooms were scheduled simultaneously with talks and panels for attendees to choose content that interested them most.

Though 2020 presented curveballs for everyone, Tidwell pushed to bring TABConf back in 2021. But this time, the conference would be hyper-focused on the attendees, what they desired to learn, and the broader Bitcoin development community. Borrowing an idea from DEFCON, a long-standing “hacker” conference, TABConf implemented their version of “Villages,” which gave space for individuals, groups, and communities to create programming. TABConf pledged to donate a percentage of the proceeds of ticket sales to support the Bitcoin development community.

The 2021 model was wildly successful and will continue into 2023 as the team plans for the most significant conference they have run. TABConf is quickly moving to become the staple event for the technical community in Bitcoin. Still, it will never lose its connection to the place that made it all possible and continues to drive the passion that is TABConf!

Past Conferences: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018